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About Personalabs

PERSONALABS was founded to give individuals the ability to take charge of their own healthcare through affordable, accessible, confidential laboratory tests and risk assessments.

Dealing with the red tape and rising costs of the managed healthcare system can be challenging for anyone. But whether we're insured, uninsured or underinsured, none of us can afford not to participate.

"The healthcare system today isn't working for patients, but it's not working for doctors either," says Personalabs Medical Director Dr. Edward Salko, DO.  "By giving individuals direct access to important personal information, we're giving everyone a huge advantage."

The philosophy behind Personalabs is that the more an individual knows - the more actively involved we are in our own healthcare - the stronger and healthier the relationship between and individual and his or her healthcare provider.

By offering a private personal scorecard when it comes to health issues including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, sexual health and overall wellness, Personalabs can help facilitate a continuity of care.

The healthcare world today is full of barriers. Personalabs wants to help break down those barriers so that anyone can easily get and monitor healthcare information, control that information in a safe and secure manner, and understand what that information means in terms of making healthy decisions.

"The old days of closing your eyes and trusting your health to any doctor are gone,"  says Dr. Salko. "It's up to you to have your own best interests at heart, and act on those interests.  Who has more of a stake in your good health than you?"  

Personalabs is a Florida Limited Liability Corporation organized on August 28, 2006 by lifelong friends, Dr. Edward Salko and Edgar Wilson. Personalabs provides customers the ability to order laboratory testing online through the website Through a strategic relationship with Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp), one of the nation’s largest provider of lab testing services, individuals can have specimens collected at one of 1,700 convenient locations  throughout the United States.

A board-certified physician, Dr. Edward Salko started his medical career in 1980 in primary care, and is currently a practicing emergency physician in Kennewick, Washington. His passion is to provide individuals with the tools they need - in the most convenient way possible - to allow them to actively participate in their own healthcare.

Dr. Salko acts as medical director and medical review officer for Personalabs and JustGetTested.  He completed his pre-med training at the University of Florida in Gainesville, earning a bachelor's degree in chemistry.  He received his doctor of osteopathy from Kansas City University School of Medicine and Biosciences, and completed his internship at Southeastern Medical Center in North Miami Beach, Florida. He then returned to Kansas City to complete a family practice residency at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. For the next 27 years he worked in private practice and emergency medicine in and around his hometown of Fort Myers, Florida.

Edgar Wilson is the managing member of Personalabs. With a vision of future healthcare challenges and opportunities in which individuals will have a much more active role in their health decisions, Mr. Wilson identifies areas of growth for the Company. He has assembled a team of professionals and investors who are committed to the same goal of providing the public with unfettered access to their healthcare information.

Personalabs is privately funded. We do not host or receive funding from advertisements.

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For more information on our services or to set up a Corporate Account, contact us at or call 1-888-438-5227.

Personalabs does not diagnose, treat or cure any condition, nor do we provide medical advice. We recommend that you share all information with your healthcare provider to discuss how it relates to your own health and wellness.

HIPAA And Remember: At Personalabs, Your Privacy is Our Priority.

Disclaimer: Tests cannot be conducted at lab locations in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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