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Looking for a lab test that you can order online,
where we provide the doctors order?

Looking for a certain type of blood test?
We have over 300 at very affordable prices,
70% cheaper than going direct to the lab or your doctor
and we use the same lab testing facility as your doctor

We offer same day testing, along with the results in as little as 24 hours from getting tested.


310 N Wilmot Rd Ste 209
TUCSON, AZ 85711
Tel: 520-298-2864
Fax: 520-298-7317
7482 N La Cholla Blvd
TUCSON, AZ 85741
Tel: 520-544-3659
Fax: 520-544-0691
4729 N 1St Ave
TUCSON, AZ 85718
Tel: 520-887-4888
Fax: 520-887-6659
1400 W Valencia Rd Ste 101
TUCSON, AZ 85746
Tel: 520-889-2730
Fax: 520-889-0701
1011 N Craycroft Rd Ste 201
TUCSON, AZ 85711
Tel: 520-322-8945
Fax: 520-795-4348
2001 W Orange Grove Rd Ste 310
TUCSON, AZ 85704
Tel: 520-742-0206
Fax: 520-219-0290
1777 W Saint Marys Rd Ste 101
TUCSON, AZ 85745
Tel: 520-623-5199
Fax: 520-629-0639
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  • Take health into your own hands! Stop waiting in a DRs waiting room for 2-3 hrs and wait another hour in an exam room! Save your time and money!!!!!

    Personalabs Customer

  • I am tremendously impressed. No more throwing money out of the window in doctor's offices for something that can be done in an affordable manner!

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