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The longest pregnancy recorded lasted over a year

Blood Pregnancy Test - Lab Locations

Wondering where you can get a blood pregnancy test done? No need to waste time and money on office visits to your doctor or local fertility clinic. You can find out if you or your partner are pregnant in as little as 24-48 hours with Personalabs. The cost of a blood pregnancy test is low and affordable. Don’t rely on a urine test at home as results need to be confirmed with a blood test anyway. Get tested quickly and confidentially with Personalabs.

Currently, Personalabs offers two pregnancy tests: Qualitative HCG Serum Pregnancy Test and Quantitative HCG Serum Pregnancy Test. The Qualitative will provide a positive or negative result while the Quantitative will tell you how far along in the pregnancy you or your partner are.

Not sure where to start? No problem! Customer care specialists are standing by to assist you. Use our chat function or call us at 1-888-GET-LABS today!