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CBC Test Info & Lab Locations

What is a CBC Lab Test?

A CBC with differential and platelet test — also known as a Complete Blood Count test, CBC lipid panel, or CBC auto diff test — is a commonly-prescribed general lab test that doctors recommend having done annually as part of a yearly physical and health checkup.

Who Should Get a Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test?

Besides being a recommended baseline test that everyone should have done annually, there are other reasons why you might want to order a CBC panel to get your blood and lipid levels tested.

If you have been feeling tired, weak or have abnormal bruising, the complete blood count test can help identify the root causes of these worrisome symptoms.

If you are taking medications, the CBC test can reveal whether — and how — your medications are affecting your blood counts.

What Does the CBC With Differential Blood Test Measure?

The CBC lab test measures:
  • levels of red and white blood cells,
  • your blood platelet count level
  • hematocrit, and
  • hemoglobin.

When is a CBC Lipid Panel Prescribed?

The CBC lipid panel is typically prescribed to help detect anemia, infections, cancer, autoimmune disorders, leukemia, vitamin deficiencies and other health conditions.

Depending on the results of your CBC with differential test, your doctor may recommend that you get additional more specific lab tests to properly diagnose and evaluate your current state of health.

Should I Fast Before Getting Tested?

Fasting is not required before you get your blood drawn for the CBC test. If your blood is going to be used for tests other than CBC you might be required to fast.

When can I expect my results?

After completing your CBC lab test, you can expect to see your test results uploaded into your secure, private, HIPAA-compliant patient portal in 2-10 business days.

Where Can I Go to Get Tested?

You can skip the wait for a doctor’s appointment and insurance company approval and save money and time by ordering your affordably priced and discounted CBC test direct through the Personalabs website. We provide the doctor’s order you need to get yourself tested with every lab test purchase.

To find a convenient location near you, simply click the link for your state of residence on this page to find a patient service center where you can get a tested locally.

Personalabs has over 2,300 lab locations nationwide where you can get tested. Due to state regulations, lab testing is not available in New York, New Jersey or Rhode Island.

If you live in one of those states but still want to get tested please use our blood testing service center location finder to find a lab testing facility in a neighboring state that is convenient to you.

You have six months from the time you place your CBC lab test order to the time you visit a lab testing facility and get your blood drawn.

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