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What Is Local Lab Testing?

Personalabs is a service that provides a doctor’s order so patients who are uninsured or underinsured can get the lab testing they need at a price they can afford. Currently, we offer over 300 labs tests- the same tests your doctor would order but at a fraction of the cost. The process is easy. You create an account and purchase your desired test(s). We generate a requisition order that you will take to the lab with you to get tested. You then visit a local lab to provide your specimen. Once your specimen has been tested, the lab releases your results directly through our secure patient portal. Usually it takes 24-48 to receive your results. For more complex tests, the turn around time is 7-10 business days. When your results are ready, you will receive an e-mail notification to sign into your account to review. Personalabs offers direct access to laboratory testing. Who knew it could be so easy? Now you know.