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Tests For: Aldosterone Imbalance

Aldosterone plays an important role in regulating the release of sodium and potassium in the bloodstream and in the urine. Aldosterone affects blood pressure levels, blood volume, and reabsorption of water with salt. High aldosterone levels are commonly caused by an adrenal tumor and genetic mutations. Low aldosterone levels are associated with Addison’s disease.

Symptoms of High Aldosterone

  • High blood pressure
  • Irregular blood volume
  • Low potassium levels in the blood 

Symptoms of Low Aldosterone

  • Lethargy
  • Low blood pressure
  • High potassium levels in the blood 

Why should you get tested?

Getting tested as early as you can, may save you from further complications linked to high and low levels of aldosterone such as Addison’s disease and primary adrenal insufficiency. 

Where can you get tested?

You can browse patient service centers by state below or find a location by zip.

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