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Bloom syndrome

Bloom Syndrome Testing

Bloom Syndrome

Bloom syndrome is a rare inherited disorder caused by a mutation of the BLM gene. Affected individuals are observed to have an increased likelihood of developing cancer at a young age. Although a smaller fraction of the population is confirmed to have the disorder, it is notable that Ashkenazi Jewish descendants consist of about one-third of the people who have Bloom syndrome.  


  • Short stature
  • High-pitched voice
  • Butterfly shaped red lesions across the cheeks and the nose
  • Uneven pigmentation of the skin
  • Narrow face
  • Small lower jaw

Why should you get tested?

Getting tested for Bloom syndrome provides substantial information on your risk of developing critical illnesses such as cancer. It also uncovers your susceptibility of passing on the disease to your children.

Where can you get tested?

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