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Low Cost Blood Test - Lab Locations

Looking for low cost blood tests? Look no further! Personalabs provides you with direct access to the same lab tests your doctor would order at a fraction of the cost. Maybe you don’t have insurance or maybe your co-pays and deductibles are too high. Personalabs specializes in providing lab tests directly to those who are uninsured or underinsured.

Did you know that you are not able to get a blood test without a doctor’s order? That’s where Personalabs comes in. You are able to walk into the lab and purchase your test on your smart phone and an order will be generated in less than five minutes! Don’t have a smart phone? No worries, you can call 1-888-GET-LABS and operators are standing by to help you.

We take pride in offering blood tests at discounted and competitive prices. Just don’t take our word on it, do your research.

From coast to coast, Personalabs has you covered with over 4,000 locations to choose from. All you have to do is click “Find A Location”, input your zip code and click search and we will find the closest location in your area.

Take control of your health and wellness today!