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Drugs and Alcohol Tests

Anyone can benefit from an accurate screening for traces of drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication in their system. So order our drugs and alcohol tests online.

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Barbiturate Urine Screen Test

This screening test will check your urine for recent use of barbiturates. Barbiturates are known as sedative hypnotics, which…

Drug Monitoring Panel, 1, Urine Screen

The urine test for drugs looks for nine most common recreational drugs used in the society, Amphetamines ,Phencyclidine, Oxycodone,…

Clozapine (Clozaril) Blood Test

The Purpose of a C3 Complement Blood Test Clozapine (brand name Clozaril®) is an antipsychotic that is typically prescribed as a…

Performance Enhancing Drug Profile Blood Test

Also Known As PED Test The Purpose of a PED Drug Test Fair play is a foundational tenet of all sporting…

Tacrolimus, Highly Sensitive, LC/MS/MS

This test is used to monitor Tacrolimus, an immunosuppresive drug used in organ transplants to prevent rejection. Therapeutic drug…

Methadone Urine Test

Methadone is a highly addictive drug similar to morphine, used for severe pain relief. Overdose may produce nausea, vomiting,…

Marijuana Metabolite, with Ratio, Urine

Marijuana is one of the most common drugs abused for recreational purposes owing to its sedative and hypnotic effects….

Theophylline Blood Test

This test is used to establish the concentration of theophylline in the blood and determine the proper dosage necessary…


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