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Telemedicine Services

Personalabs telemedicine services offer patients the ability to speak directly with a board-certified physician over a smart phone, tablet or computer.

What YOU can do:

  • Discuss personal health concerns and symptoms.
  • Request Doctor-directed lab testing if you are unsure of what test is right for you.
  • Obtain medical guidance concerning recommended additional testing as well as recommended treatment of your symptoms.

Prescription service is limited to Sexually Transmitted Disease, Sexually Transmitted Infection, Birth Control, Erectile Dysfunction and Male Pattern Baldness at this time.

Telemedicine DOctor

Benefits of Telemedicine

Convenient: Consultations can take place virtually anywhere you have access to telephone or internet service.

Flexible: Schedule at a time that is convenient for you, we can typically schedule your appointment within 1 to 2 days.

Affordable: Physician consultations usually cost less than a traditional in-person doctor visit

Maintain Privacy: Sensitive issue? Treatment from your own home allows for the utmost protection of your personal information. No visit to the doctor’s office or sharing your information with the practice. Simply log in to, order your tests and request a consultation directly with a board certified physician.

Save time and fuel: Telemedicine eliminates the need to travel the doctor’s office. Eliminates exposure to other potentially contagious patients.

How Telemedicine Services work

How Telemedicine with Personalabs Works

Our simple 3 step process allows you to have a follow-up consultation with a physician
to discuss your lab results from the comfort of your home or office.

Step 1: Order Your Test

Step 1 – Order Your Test and Your Follow Up Consult
Create your account, select your tests and pay online.

Step 2: Print Your Doctor's Orders

Step 2 – Within your Personalabs account, you will receive a phone number to call to schedule a consult time.

Step 3: Visit A Lab Today

Step 3 – Schedule Your Telephone Consult to review your lab results.

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