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How Effective Is Blood Testing Online?

Medically Approved by Dr. Edward Salko

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This article is Medically Approved by Dr. Edward Salko

There are lots of benefits of blood testing online, and the results will be accurate if you use a reputable provider.

People can now take control of their health in ways that were never before possible. This includes easily getting blood testing online to check for all kinds of conditions and diseases or just to have a general checkup or screening to see what their current health is like and if there might be any areas for improvement.

It might be that you’re a middle-aged man feeling increasingly sluggish and not quite yourself, and you’re wondering if it’s due to declining testosterone levels. An online blood test will quickly tell you. You can then take action by taking supplements or altering your lifestyle to try and boost the amount of male hormone in your body, such as by exercising and lifting weights.

Or perhaps you’re a woman and you want to check for the possibility of breast cancer — a blood test will check for markers of proteins and tumor cells and give you an accurate result. Equally, people who are sexually active and who may have multiple partners can have regular STD testing with blood testing online to protect their health and those they have sex with.

The Benefits of Blood Testing Online

Before the internet came along and made our lives so much easier — allowing us to order just about anything from the comfort of our homes — having a blood test was a matter of making an appointment with your doctor. You would travel to the clinic, wait around, and then have your test — paying a big bill unless you have insurance to cover it. Now, with blood testing online, all that time, effort, and money is dramatically saved.

Blood testing online is usually far cheaper than what you’d normally pay if you visited your doctor, and it may be possible that health insurance will cover various online tests. And for the many Americans who don’t have health insurance — around 27.5 million people — the affordability of online blood testing can be a godsend. It allows people to discover any potential health issues before they have a chance to become more serious and require expensive treatment.

Many people like blood testing online because of the confidentiality aspect. Some, for instance, may be reluctant to see their doctor if they suspect they have an STD — and if they do, it’s vital they’re treated, or their health might suffer. Instead, they can order an online blood test in seconds and know the results in days, giving them peace of mind and letting them take care of their health.

So How Effective Is Blood Testing Online?

When you order blood testing online from a reputable provider like Personlabs, you get access to the top testing labs in the US. We’ve partnered with 2,300 labs around the country, all of whom use the latest and most sophisticated equipment and procedures to carry out the more than 400 blood tests we have.

Most test results are available in a few days, although some might take longer, depending on the lab and its location. But you’ll soon have them confidentially sent to your account here on our website, and you will be able to see if you have a condition or disease or various blood sugar and other levels.

Many people want to consult a doctor when they get their results because they may not understand what they mean. Again, there’s no need to go and visit your doctor — you can get an online consultation using telehealth services such as ours. The doctor will explain the results and advise about any possible course of treatment to correct something.

All this with the minimum of effort and expense.

Order from more than 400 highly accurate blood tests right here at Personalabs, including tests for general health and wellness, men’s, women’s, and sexual health. Fast results and confidentiality guaranteed.

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