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Liver Function Tests

Keep your liver well and unimpaired. Get the liver function tests to monitor liver health and detect hepatic diseases.

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Hepatic Function Panel 7 Blood Test

Also Known As: Liver Function Panel (LFP), HFP The Purpose of the Liver Function Panel Lab Test The hepatic function panel blood…

Ferritin Blood Test

Also Known As Ferritin Serum, Serum Ferritin, Serum Ferritin Level The Purpose of a Ferritin Test Iron is an essential mineral…

Comprehensive Iron Profile Blood Test

The Comprehensive Iron Profile is used to measure the amount of iron in your body as well as your…

Hepatitis C Antibody Blood Test

This test is used to evaluate exposure to the Hepatitis C Virus infection and tests blood safety. Hepatitis C…

Anemia Profile Blood Test

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Hepatitis B Surface Antibody, Quantitative Blood Test

This test will determine previous exposure to the Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) as well as immunity status of the hepatitis B vaccination….

Comprehensive Liver Profile Blood Test

This comprehensive panel of tests is designed to evaluate the injured or “sick” liver. This panel is used to…

Liver Enzyme Assay Blood Test

The liver is one of the most important organs in our bodies for athletes. It is a detoxifier and…

Fatigue Blood and Urine Test Panel

The Purpose of a Fatigue Test There’s tired, and then there’s tired. If you find yourself struggling to stay awake most days,…

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Blood Test

Hepatitis B is a STD that is caused by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). Symptoms of Hepatitis B are:…

The liver plays a crucial role in multiple metabolic processes such as bile production, glucose and lipid conversion, toxin filtration, and macromolecule synthesis. For this reason, having liver function tests in your routine checkup will ensure that your liver continues to carry out these functions.

With about 4.5 million individuals diagnosed with chronic liver disease in the US, tests for liver function have become increasingly imperative.

The Role Of Blood Tests for Liver Health

Aside from monitoring and regular evaluation, a blood test for liver health helps diagnosed liver injury and other hepatic problems. It also becomes required during liver disease treatment to assess if the medication is effective.

Moreover, your healthcare provider may also order hepatic function tests when undergoing medical procedures such as chemotherapy to ensure that the liver does not sustain critical damage from the aggressive treatment.

When it comes to function tests of vital organs like the liver, time can become a critical factor. The rule of thumb is that the earlier a dysfunction or injury is detected, the higher your chances for recovery.

Types Of Lab Tests for Liver Function

The type of liver function tests your doctor may request will depend on the symptoms you experience, your family history, and other related pathological factors. Nonetheless, most of which include screening for abnormal production of specific substances such as bilirubinferritin, and liver enzymes.

Here are the blood tests you included under hepatic labs.

  1. Comprehensive Iron Profile Blood Test
  2. Liver Enzyme Assay Blood Test
  3. Acute Hepatitis Profile Blood Test
  4. Alpha-fetoprotein AFP Blood Test
  5. Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) Blood Test

Check out more hepatic function tests here at Personalabs. You can order them online and schedule a laboratory appointment quickly within a few clicks. Then, receive the results on your own account and connect with our doctor for a proper prescription.

Who Should Get Hepatic Function Tests?

Individuals who exhibit symptoms of liver injury and related diseases should secure a liver function test for accurate diagnosis. These symptoms include jaundice, dark urine, pale stool, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, skin itchiness, and swelling.

Additionally, those at risk for liver disorders should get a regular assessment as a preventive measure, specifically individuals who are heavy drinkers, suffer from obesity and diabetes, engage in unprotected sex, and frequently consume foods high in fats.

When To Do Lab Tests For Liver Function?

The best time to do hepatic function tests is during your regular wellness checkup with your doctor. Doing so will drive you to make necessary lifestyle changes depending on your risk for hepatic disorders. The second best time will be when early symptoms of liver disease or injury show up.

Get Tested For Liver Function Near You

Monitor your liver’s health without the hassle. Order the liver function test you need and have it taken at one of our over 4,000 patient centers nationwide.

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