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Men's Health Blood Tests

When it comes to health and wellness, some men only pay more attention to medical conditions once they become severe. According to statistics, the average male lifespan reaches 76.1 years which is relatively lower than women’s.

Men’s health is usually more compromised due to a lifestyle pattern that is mostly adopted by a large fraction of the male population. This includes alcohol abuse, smoking, inactivity, dehydration, and poor diet.

Obesity, for example, affects 75% of men aged 40 and above in the US. Furthermore, the leading causes of death among men remain to be heart disease and cancer.

Safeguarding your health requires a conscious decision to learn about your risks to diseases and any underlying medical conditions. With our Men’s Health blood tests you can have a better understanding of potential illnesses you can acquire. Choose the right test for you today.

Healthy Male Checkup Blood Test

The Healthy Male Checkup is a comprehensive health assessment designed for males to use as a broad screening tool…


Wellness Checkup

The Wellness Checkup is a comprehensive health assessment designed for males and females to use as a broad screening…


Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) Blood Test

This test is used to detect Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). PSA is a protein produced only by the prostate…


Testosterone, free and total Blood Test

Our Testosterone, Free and Total test evaluates testicular function in men where obesity, liver or thyroid disorders may alter…


Testosterone, Total (Males) Blood Test

Total serum testosterone blood test is required for evaluation of several health conditions in men. Recommended For: Men Special…


Male Cancer Screening Blood Test

Our cancer panel for men is a screening test that measures any abnormal tumor markers you may have. Tumor markers…


Basic Male Hormone Profile Blood Test

Test for hormones regulating your metabolism and screen for healthy organ function to aid in weight loss, body building…


Comprehensive Male Wellness Checkup Blood Test

Our Comprehensive Male Checkup consists of a panel of tests used as a broad screening tool to evaluate organ…


Testosterone, Total , LC/MS-MS (Women and Hypogonadal Males) Blood Test

This profile is designed to test for low testosterone. It uses the latest technology to determine whether those symptoms…


Comprehensive Male Hormone Profile Blood Test

Hormone profile created for men. Recommended For: Men. Special Notes: Patients receiving therapy with high biotin doses should not…


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