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Kidney Function Tests

Strong kidneys translate to robust health. Stay on top of your wellness game with regular monitoring. Check out our kidney function tests.

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Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14) Blood Test

Also known as Complete Metabolic Panel, CMP, Chemistry 14, Chem 14, Chemistry Panel, or Chemistry Screen. What is the Purpose…

Urinalysis, Urine Test

Also Known As Complete Urinalysis Test The Purpose of Urine Lab Tests Have you felt the need to urinate more frequently?…

Basic Metabolic Panel 8 (BMP) Blood Test

Also Known As BMP, Chem 7, Chemistry Panel, Chemistry Screen Purpose of the BMP Blood Test What is a BMP blood…

Creatinine Blood Test

The creatinine blood test measures the level of creatinine in the blood. Creatinine is a chemical waste product produced by…

Creatinine, 24-Hour Urine Test

Creatinine is measured in a 24 hour urine sample to evaluate kidney function and calculate the glomerular filteration rate….

Microalbumin, Random Urine Test (without Creatinine)

What Is the Purpose of the Microalbumin Urine Test There are some early warning signs that you have kidney disease if…

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Test

Also Known As BUN, BUN to Creatine Ratio, Urea Nitrogen What Is the Purpose of the BUN Blood Test? It’s crucial…

Creatinine Clearance Blood Test

This test evaluates kidney function and clearance of creatinine from body. It is essential in end-stage kidney disease to…

Kidneys filter impurities, wastes, and excess water for excretion. These organs also regulate substances such as potassium, calcium, and salt, which can be detrimental in extremely low or high amounts.

Damages in your kidney functions can have detrimental impacts on your blood pressure, red blood cell production, mental sharpness, and overall physiological health. But by taking the necessary kidney blood tests, you can uncover developing issues in your kidneys and prevent complications.

The Role Of Blood Tests for Kidney Function

Despite coming in pairs, you wouldn’t want to lose one of your kidneys. But unfortunately, 1 in 3 American adults is at risk of kidney disease, which could lead to complete failure, opening more doors for other organ dysfunctions.

However, if you secure a kidney test at the onset of the symptoms, your chances of keeping both your kidneys increase. Blood tests for kidney function not only become the hallmark for diagnosing kidney health but also aid in further verifying chronic conditions like diabetes.

Types Of Labs for Kidney Function

Which kidney function labs you must take will largely depend on the type of substance and impurities assessed to check a particular renal function. Here are some of the tests you can check:

  1. Creatinine, 24-Hour Urine Test 
  2. Ammonia Blood Test
  3. Urea Nitrogen Blood Test
  4. Creatinine Blood Test
  5. Renal Function Panel Blood Test

Order these kidney function tests here at Personalabs. Then, have them taken at one of our partner patient centers near you and get your results confidentially through your personal account.

Who Should Get Kidney Blood Tests?

Individuals who experience kidney disease symptoms such as irregular urination, hypertension, chest pains, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, sleep problems, and muscle cramps will most likely need to take kidney function tests for accurate diagnosis.

Those with risk factors for kidney failure include having a family history of the disease, abnormal kidney structure, unhealthy habits, and old age. Likewise, patients with the following conditions should consist of kidney labs in their monitoring tests.

When To Do Lab Tests For Kidney Function?

It is best to get a kidney test when symptoms of kidney disease begin to appear. In addition, take the renal function panel blood test as part of your annual examination to detect any budding health issues. By doing so, you can also detect whether or not the root cause of the kidney dysfunction is a chronic condition.

Get Tested For Kidney Function Near You

There’s no kidding around when it comes to kidney health. So check out our kidney blood tests and get tested at one of our partner patient centers nationwide.

Learn More About Kidney Function Tests

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Kidney disease can take a toll on your health in many ways, but it may surprise you to know that the damage can show up on your nails. Learn the telltale signs to look for, why renal disease affects your fingernails and toenails, and why kidney function tests are important.

Renal Diet: 7 Food Types to Avoid When You Have Kidney Disease

You’ve undergone kidney testing and discovered you have renal disease. You may have to make lifestyle modifications like changing your diet. We’ll tell you what foods to avoid, how to adopt a kidney-friendly eating plan, and encourage you to get kidney function tests that will help you make positive changes.

7 Highly Recommended Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Kidney function tests are an important health tool, but there are other strategies you can use to keep these organs in the best possible shape. Find out what preventive measures you should be taking and what symptoms to watch for that may require you to order labs for kidney function.


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