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Infectious Diseases Testing

When it comes to health and wellness, some men only pay more attention to medical conditions once they become severe. According to statistics, the average male lifespan reaches 76.1 years which is relatively lower than women’s.

Men’s health is usually more compromised due to a lifestyle pattern that is mostly adopted by a large fraction of the male population. This includes alcohol abuse, smoking, inactivity, dehydration, and poor diet.

Obesity, for example, affects 75% of men aged 40 and above in the US. Furthermore, the leading causes of death among men remain to be heart disease and cancer.

Safeguarding your health requires a conscious decision to learn about your risks to diseases and any underlying medical conditions. With our Men’s Health blood tests you can have a better understanding of potential illnesses you can acquire. Choose the right test for you today.

Tuberculosis-QuantiFERON-TB Blood Test

The QuantiFERON-TB Gold Test is a blood test used to detect Tuberculosis (TB), a serious infectious disease that mainly…


Comprehensive STD Blood Test

This panel includes testing for the most common sexually transmitted diseases: HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Herpes, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. If…


11 Panel STD Blood Test

This 11 Panel STD Test includes testing for 11 of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. This profile screens…


Lyme Disease Antibodies (IgG, IgM), Immunoblot Blood Test

This test is used to determine if a person has Lyme Disease, which is an infection caused by the…


HIV Screening Test (4th Generation) Blood Test

The fourth-generation HIV-1/2 test is used to detect acute HIV infection 4-12 days earlier than 3rd generation testing. It…


Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) 1 and 2 IgG Blood Test

This test is used to detect exposure to Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) types 1 or 2, as well as…


Genital Herpes Test (HSV 2) IgG Blood Test

This test is used to detect exposure to Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) type 2 and can provide information about…


Hepatitis C Antibody Blood Test

This test is used to evaluate exposure to the Hepatitis C Virus infection and tests blood safety. Hepatitis C…


Chlamydia and Gonorrhea by NAA Urine Test

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are two of the most common contracted STDs. This is a urine test that looks for…


Stool Test for Ova and Parasites in Stool

This stool test is used to test for parasites in stool and to detect an intestinal infection due to…


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