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CBC with Differential and Platelet Count Blood Test

* This is not a home test kit. You will need to visit a local lab for testing.

Also Known As

Blood Cell Count, Complete Blood Count with Differential, CBC, or Full Blood Count.

What is the Purpose of a CBC Test?

A CBC blood test is an important tool that gives you valuable insight into your well-being by measuring your blood levels. It’s not surprising, then, that a CBC lab test is useful in many ways. This test can screen for symptoms such as fatigue or bruising, diagnose disorders such as anemia and infection, and monitor blood-related disorders. It’s frequently ordered as part of a routine health exam as a general health test.

CBC with Differential/Platelet Count (6399)
CBC with Differential/Platelet Count (005009)

What Does the CBC Blood Test Measure?

When it comes to blood tests, CBC labs measure the levels of red and white blood cells as well as platelets. The specific breakdown of measurements includes:

  • Red blood cell count
  • White blood cell count
  • Platelets
  • Hemoglobin
  • Hematocrit
  • Mean corpuscular volume (MCV)

Who Should Take a CBC Lab Test?

A CBC with differential may be recommended on a yearly basis with your annual health exam. A physician may also use it for screening, diagnostic, and monitoring purposes.

CBC with Differential Test Preparation

No special preparation is needed for a CBC with differential and platelet test.

Complete Blood Count Test Results

Normal adult CBC test results fall within these ranges:

  • Red blood cells: 4.35 million – 5.65 million cells/mcL (men); 3.92 million – 5.13 million cells/mcL
  • Hemoglobin: 13.2 grams – 16.6 grams/dL (men); 11.6 grams – 15 grams/dL
  • Hematocrit: 38.3% – 48.6% (men); 35.5% – 44.9% (women)
  • White blood cells: 3,400 – 9,600 cells/mcL
  • Platelets: 135,000 – 317,000/mcL (men); 157,000 – 371,000/mcL
  • MCV: 80 – 100fl

Our complete blood count test reports are easy to read so you can use them to make important healthcare decisions. Results that fall outside the normal ranges may indicate a potential health issue that warrants further testing for conditions such as cancerinfectious diseaseheart disease, or anemia and other blood-related concerns.

It’s important to note that dehydration, medications can influence test results, and activity level, among other factors, so you’ll want to consult with a physician about any abnormal results. We offer telehealth appointments with our board-certified doctors if you need reliable guidance on analyzing your CBC test results.

Where Can I Get a CBC Test Done Near Me?

CBC testing is easy and convenient with Personalabs. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Visit our website’s general health and wellness tests section, purchase the test, and download the lab order. (You don’t need a doctor to sign off on the lab order, depending on the state you live in.)

Step 2: Choose the lab closest to you from our 4,000-plus partner facilities and schedule your blood draw.

Step 3: Go to the lab with the blood work order and take the test.

Step 4: Receive your detailed results, typically within 2 to 10 business days, at your secure Personalabs portal.

We’re here to help you find the information and tools to take charge of your health. Start shopping for your lab tests online, or contact our customer service team with any questions.

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