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Why a Blood Pregnancy Test?

Medically Approved by Dr. Edward Salko

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If think you may be pregnant, you’ll probably be full of questions. You may have already picked up a home pregnancy test from your local drugstore, or ordered one online. (Click Here for more information about home pregnancy tests.)

But depending on your situation, a urine test might not be what you need, or rather all you need. Why not? Here are some answers for your other options – a blood pregnancy test.

Blood Pregnancy Tests

Your body begins to produce the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) the moment you become pregnant. A blood pregnancy test can find and measure hCG in your blood at the earliest stage possible.

How to Use It

To take a blood pregnancy test, you’ll need to order the test through your healthcare provider or an online company such as PersonaLabs, then go to a lab to have your blood drawn. The lab will do the work, and you’ll get your results in a few days.

What It Tells You

There are two types of blood pregnancy tests:

When to Test

Unlike a urine test – where you wait until you miss a period – a blood pregnancy test can detect low levels of hCG. A qualitative blood pregnancy test can confirm pregnancy only one week after ovulation.

A qualitative blood pregnancy test can be used to track the progression of your pregnancy, or if you want to confirm a miscarriage or pregnancy termination.


Since a blood pregnancy test is more sensitive, results are generally 98-99% accurate.

However, certain medications can affect the results; and for the most accurate results, even a blood pregnancy test should not be taken too early. You should wait at least 6-8 days after you think you may have conceived.

Cost + Availability

Through a physician, the price for blood pregnancy tests varies widely; these costs are usually covered by insurance.

The same tests can be ordered online for as low as $40 through PersonaLabs .

The lab work is done by the same lab doctors – you can pick one close to you – and you receive your private results online through your Personalabs secure account.

What’s Next?

If your results for the blood pregnancy test are positive, congratulations! You’ve got the proof that you need for most insurance companies and to receive social services.

Once you’re pregnant, your healthcare provider will order a range of additional testing. For most of these tests, you will be able to save time and money by making use of services offered by PersonaLabs.

Your results can be used by your healthcare provider to discuss options as they relate to pregnancy, fertility or any other healthcare issues.

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