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Healthy Selfie FAQs

I feel healthy so why should I get tested?
Early detection can be the best defense for serious medical conditions, which may not have any noticeable symptoms. Many tests are used as baseline screenings for comparison to future testing.
What does the Healthy Selfie measure?

The Healthy Selfie is a health risk assessment that measures ten critical health metrics that when combined give us a clear view into your overall health risk profile. This provides a metabolic score that we can use to measure over health and risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases.

How do I get my lab order for my lab test?

You can access your lab order from the Orders section of your Account Dashboard.

Does my order ever expire?

Lab orders are valid for up to six (6) months from the date of purchase. If you do not use your lab order within this time period, it will expire, resulting in a $15 reactivation fee if you wish to reinstate your order.

Where do I go to get tested?
After you order and pay for your test online, you can go to one of Quest’s 2,300 Patient Service Centers to have your blood drawn or specimen collected. Use our Location Finder to find one that’s convenient. Before visiting a lab, you’ll need to pay for your order online and receive a confirmation lab order. Remember to take your lab order to the lab with you.
Can I go to any Quest Diagnostics in the USA?
Personalabs recommends you use their Location Finder to locate the nearest Quest Patient Service Center in your area.

We are connected with Quest’s national hub, and joint ventures and partner sites such as SonoraQuest and the Nichols Institute are not connected with the national hub. Therefore, if you visit one of these locations, results may be delayed and may not be routed through our system as normal.
Where do I enter my physical measurements?

Once your lab results are available you will receive an email to return to the Results section of your Account Dashboard. From your Healthy Selfie results screen you will be prompted to enter you height, weight, and waist circumference, and latest blood pressure reading.

How do I measure my blood pressure and waist circumference?

These measurements are pretty easy to get on your own.

For blood pressure, you can use a home blood pressure machine, a reading  from a physician’s office in the last 30 days, or with the use of a free blood pressure machine found in many grocery/pharmaceutical stores.

For waist circumference, You will need a tape measure.  Raise or remove your shirt, then stand up straight. Hold the end of a tape measure to your navel and wrap it around your waist. Make sure the tape measure is snug and parallel to the ground. Your waist circumference will not necessarily be the same measurement as your pant waist size.   

Can I share my results with my doctor?

Yes, of course. Personalabs’ Healthy Selfie is a tool you can use in collaboration with your physician to take your health into your own hands. We encourage you to consult your doctor and work together to keep your health in check and focus on any areas that need to be addressed. If you do not have a doctor, you can always schedule a telehealth session with a Personalabs physcian.

How soon after placing my order can I go into the lab?

You are able to get tested as soon as the lab order with your requisition number is generated. Out of courtesy to the lab attendants, we suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to lunch hours or close of business day.

How soon after my lab test will I receive my results?
You can get your results in as little as 48 hours. Actually time for results may vary based on several factors.
What does PSC Hold mean on my lab order?

PSC Hold means “Patient Service Center” is pending. This means that the customer must use the lab order at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center. Once a customer visits a Quest location, the PSC information will show on the results.

What are some of the benefits of using Personalabs?

Personalabs is a very affordable solution for your lab testing needs as Personalabs is 70% cheaper than getting a lab test through your doctor or going straight to the lab. There are no hidden fees. The price you pay for your test covers the doctor’s order, your visit to the lab and your results.


Personalabs has a selection of over 300 blood tests which means the chances of you finding all the tests that you need are very high. Personalabs offers same day, direct access to lab testing through one of the nation’s leading laboratories in the United States – Quest Diagnostics. With Quest, you have access to 2,300 Quest Patient Service Centers and are not required to make an appointment.


Results can be available in as little as 24 hours depending on the test that you have ordered. Your results are private and only for you, you choose what you do with them.


Personal is our first name and we take pride in providing excellent personalized service to our customers.

How will I benefit from my lab results?
Lab results can help you see things that haven’t physically manifested yet.
Is it confidential?
Yes, Personalabs is a confidential service. Your results are stored in your personal, private account.
Do I need a referral from a doctor?
You do not need a referral from a doctor. Once you have placed your order, the order is reviewed and approved by one of our licensed physicians in your state, and within seconds, your lab order is generated and deposited into your secure Personalabs Patient Portal.
Why can't I get tested in New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island?
Laws in these states require that any lab work be ordered by your personal physician not a third party; a copy of this order must be presented at the laboratory. If your state does not permit laboratory testing without a physician’s order, you are welcome to get tested in adjoining states. Your professional test results will still be valid and should be accepted by any healthcare provider, anywhere.
Do you accept health insurance?
No. We keep our costs as low as possible because we’re able to cut through red tape. So at present, we do not accept any form of health insurance. Please note that a DX code is a diagnosis provided by the doctor. As Personalabs is only responsible for providing you with lab results, we are unable to provide you with a DX code (diagnosis). Our Physicians Network views all results to make sure there are no critical issues. If results are abnormal, our Physicians Network contacts you directly to advise you to seek medical attention with your doctor or healthcare provider.
Do I need to get approval from my health insurance before ordering a test?
No. Since you pay for your tests directly you don’t have to hassle with insurance approval, and you’ll pay a lot less. With Personalabs, the testing process is in your control, done according to your schedule, and your insurance company will not have access to the results of your tests unless you choose to share them.

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