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MOXiLIFE is your Bento Box for your individual biomarker level evaluations via blood analysis and ‘nutrient dense’ endurance nutrition supplement store. We have partnered with Personalabs for MOXiLIFE Personal Evaluations lab tests in a 1.2.3. easy order format.

MOXiLIFE caters to the athletes and individuals ON the GO. Individuals and professionals with limited time and especially those with no to waste sitting in a doctors office, or waiting for insurance approval for specific tests. Families with high deductibles busy lifestyles, to complement your nutritional needs and eliminate your deficiencies.

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Step 1: Order Your Test

Step 1 – Order Your Test
Create your account, select your tests and pay online.

Step 2: Print Your Doctor's Orders
Step 2 – Print Your Doctor’s Orders
We have doctors registered in 50 states that will provide you with a doctor’s order included as part of our service.
Step 3: Visit A Lab Today

Step 3 – Visit A Lab
Find a Patient Service Center near you. Print and present your Doctor’s order at the lab.

Step 3: Visit A Lab Today
Step 4 – View The Results In as little as 24 hours, you can view your results in your confidential Personalabs account.

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80% on meds!

We now offer pharmacy discounts through our PersonalabsRx platform.

We now offer pharmacy discounts through our PersonalabsRx platform.

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