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Celiac Disease Profile Blood Test

* This is not a home test kit. You will need to visit a local lab for testing.

Also Known As

Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase Antibody (anti-tTG), Deamidated Gliadin Peptide Antibodies, Anti-Endometrial Antibodies, Celiac Disease Antibody Test

The Purpose of a Celiac Disease Blood Test

Gluten-free may seem like a trendy diet, but for people with celiac disease, it’s an absolute necessity. Gluten is a type of protein found in certain grains, such as wheat, rye, oats, and barley. When some people eat bread, pasta, or other foods with gluten, their stomach may feel nauseous or irritated, which is considered a gluten sensitivity. With celiac disease, however, gluten triggers an immune system response, which can damage the intestines over time. A celiac disease blood test helps support a diagnosis (which may be done along with a small intestine biopsy).

Celiac Disease Profile (19955)
Celiac Disease Profile (165142)

What Does the Celiac Disease Lab Test Measure?

This test will look for antibodies that the immune system produces in response to gluten consumption. The presence of antibodies can indicate if there is a gluten intolerance.

Who Should Take Blood Tests for Celiac Disease?

You may want to take these blood tests for celiac disease if you have symptoms such as:

  • Stomach pain or bloating
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Non-gastrointestinal issues (e.g., fatigue, skin rashes, headache, and a tingling sensation in the feet or hands)

A celiac disease lab test may also be recommended if you have a family history of this condition.

Celiac Disease Profile Blood Test Preparation

Because blood work for celiac disease looks for the presence of antibodies, you need to be on a gluten diet. Follow the instructions for the lab test for celiac disease.

Blood Work for Celiac Disease Results

Typically, a positive test indicates that antibodies were present in your blood sample, and you will probably have to undergo further testing, such as a biopsy or endoscopy, to solidify a diagnosis of celiac disease. A negative test means you likely don’t have the condition because there weren’t any antibodies in your blood.

Where Can I Get a Lab Test for Celiac Disease Near Me?

Celiac disease tests are extremely useful because once you know you have a gluten intolerance, you can avoid the foods that trigger the immune reaction, which prevents further damage to the intestines. Personalabs makes it easy to order blood work for celiac disease so you can take care of your health. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Find the test you want in our online store, purchase it, and download the lab order you’ll need for your testing appointment. (You may not need a doctor’s sign-off beforehand, depending on the state you live in.)

Step 2: Use the location tool on the Personalabs website to find a Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics facility near you. (And we’ve got more than 4,000 locations to choose from for your convenience.)

Step 3: Bring the test order to the lab when it’s time for your blood draw.

Step 4: View your results in your secure Personalabs portal; they usually arrive within 2 to 10 business days, but we can help if you require a specific turnaround date. Contact us to find out more.

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