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Iodine, 24-Hour Urine Test

* This is not a home test kit. You will need to visit a local lab for testing.

Also Known As

Urinary Iodine Test

The Purpose of a 24-Hour Urine Iodine Test

The iodine urine test is a diagnostic tool that assesses the amount of iodine in your urine over a 24-hour period. Iodine is an essential mineral that is required for the production of thyroid hormones. The test determines whether you are getting enough iodine in your diet (with foods such as dairy, eggs, fish, and shellfish) or if you have an iodine deficiency. Symptoms include goiter and hypothyroidism; pregnant women who don’t get enough iodine run the risk of problems such as miscarriage or preterm labor, and their baby may experience birth defects.

Tests Included:

Iodine, 24-Hour Urine (16602)
Iodine, 24-Hour Urine (070222)

What Does the Iodine Urine Test Measure?

This test measures the amount of iodine that is excreted in your urine over a 24-hour period.

Who Should Take a Urine Iodine Test?

A urine iodine test is advisable for anyone who has an increased risk of iodine deficiency. This includes pregnant women, people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, and residents of areas where the soil is low in iodine. Additionally, individuals who have a family history of thyroid problems or who have had their thyroid gland removed may also benefit from the test.

Iodine Test, Urine Preparation

The iodine in urine test requires a 24-hour urine collection. That means you will need to collect all the urine you produce over a 24-hour period in a special container provided by the lab that will conduct the testing. You need to follow the lab’s instructions for collecting sterile samples, as well as any suggestions for certain foods or medications to avoid prior to testing. Typically, you will urinate at 8 a.m. and discard that specimen, then collect all urine during a 24-hour period, ending at 8 a.m. the next day. Make sure you choose a convenient facility for testing so it’s easy for you to pick up and drop off your collection container. (Our locator tool can help you find the lab closest to you.)

Iodine in Urine Test Results

With this iodine test, urine levels are usually measured in micrograms per liter (mcg/L). Normal iodine levels range from 100 to 199 mcg/L (for pregnant women, those results should be between 150 and 249 mcg/L). Iodine deficiency is diagnosed when test results are below 100 mcg/L. Need help understanding your results or determining the next steps? Book a telehealth visit with one of our board-certified doctors.

Where Can I Get a 24-Hour Urine Iodine Test Near Me?

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Estimated Turn Around for Results:

2-10 Business Days

For an exact turnaround time for results, please contact us at Personalabs and we will contact the lab on your behalf as turnaround times vary depending on testing location or lab testing provider.


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