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General Health Panels & Wellness Tests

Our fast, easy, and affordable general health panels give you information that empowers you in your healthcare decisions.

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Pat’s Performance Panel

The Pat’s Performance Panel test is designed to evaluate the general health of those who are undergoing testosterone replacement…

Albumin (ALB) Blood Test

This test is used to screen for and help diagnose a liver disorder or kidney disease. It is also…

RH Typing Blood Test

This low-cost blood test identifies blood type, a vital piece of information used in most medical decisions and also…

Glucose, Plasma Blood Test

A plasma glucose blood test is necessary to diagnose, or screen and monitor the current treatment of diabetes. Levels…

Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids

The omega-3 and -6 fatty acids test is used to identify or monitor patients with cardiovascular disease. Recommended For:…

D-Dimer Quantitative Blood Test

This test will monitor and exclude conditions that cause hypercoagulability. Recommended For: If you have symptoms of Deep Vein…

Pre-op (Plastic Surgery) Panel Blood Test

The Cosmetic Surgery Profile is a health assessment for women going through a cosmetic procedure. Recommended For: Those who…

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Blood Test

This test is used to evaluate the total carbonate buffering system in the body, acid-base balance. High results may…

Barium Blood Test

Testing for Barium toxicity. Barium is a naturally existing metal. Barium is used in spark plug electrodes as well…


This test is used to help detect protein-calorie malnutrition and to monitor the effectiveness of nutrition administered or occurring…


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