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Heart and Stroke Testing

Step 1: Order Your Test

Step 1 – Order Your Test
Create your account, select your tests and pay online.

Step 2: Print Your Doctor's Orders
Step 2 – Print Your Doctor’s Orders
We have doctors registered in 50 states that will provide you with a doctor’s order included as part of our service.
Step 3: Visit A Lab Today

Step 3 – Visit A Lab
Find a Patient Service Center near you. Print and present your Doctor’s order at the lab.

Step 3: Visit A Lab Today
Step 4 – View The Results In as little as 24 hours, you can view your results in your confidential Personalabs account.
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Order Your Blood Test

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    Lactic Acid Blood Test

    The Lactic Acid, Plasma test is used to detect high levels of lactate in the blood. Order your test online through Personalabs today!

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    Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids

    Do you have a healthy heart? Checking the health of your heart with the Personalabs Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids test is easy and affordable

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    Myoglobin Blood Test

    A Myoglobin blood test is ordered when one experiences chest pain (due to heart attack) or severe traumatic injury to skeletal muscle.

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    Carnitine, LC/MS/MS Blood Test

    One simple blood test measures the carnitine levels in your blood. Purchase this carnitine blood test online and get tested the same day at a local lab near you.

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    Apolipoprotein A-1

    At risk of a cardiovascular disease? This HDL test determines the level of Apolipoprotein A-1, a major protein component of high density lipids.

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