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Personalabs has teamed up with Isabel Healthcare to provide you with your own personal symptom checker that will help you understand your symptoms and provide you with medical information, causes and treatments as well as offer guidance on which lab tests to order.

We all know the drill- you visit your doctor, explain your symptoms and then are ordered to get lab work done to evaluate your possible condition. With Personalabs, you never have to step foot into a doctor’s office. You are able to check your symptoms with the Isabel Symptom Checker, order the test you need online, visit the lab and receive results directly to your account.

The Isabel Symptom Checker provides you with direct access to the same medical knowledge base used by doctors and nurses, as well as the ability to understand your symptoms to make educated decisions when it comes to your health.

Find out what your symptoms mean today!

Disclaimer: The intention of the Symptom Checker is not that you should bypass the doctor and diagnose yourself. This tool will help you become better informed and be able to have a more balanced and productive discussion with your doctor or healthcare provider about your diagnosis.