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Educating Yourself About Your Own Health Care

Medically Approved by Dr. Edward Salko

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One of the best ways to take charge of your own health care is through education.

The more you educate yourself about your body, how it works, and what it reacts positively and negatively to, the smarter your health care choices will be.

This means more than just getting an overall health checkup, because choice in health is empowering. That’s exactly what Personalabs aims to do.

Personalabs is the portal that allows individuals to make smart choices.

Personalabs also provides people with the opportunity to ask a question related to their health. We encourage dialogue, and help obtain health information that can appropriately be discussed with a healthcare provider or physician. We can provide you with all the information that will be determined by their healthcare provider or our physician consult service.

First of all, there is no better way of empowering yourself than through education. The more you know about the condition of your health, the healthier your future is going to be.

As part of that, in June Personalabs is offering up to 25% off on blood tests. Visit our website today and start the process.

This is your way to fully empower yourself.

Patient Empowerment

Today, more than ever before, patients have the ability to take control of their health care. First, more health care information is available online than ever before – assuming you know where to find credible sources.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a good place to start when it comes to launching your search for relevant and trustworthy health care information.

Once you’ve found those sources and started your online search, you’ll be armed with information that can become the building blocks for your future decision making.

An empowered patient has the ability to accomplish a lot of things, including being able to:
• Understand their condition and its effect on their body.
• Make smart decisions about treatment in collaboration with healthcare professionals.
• Decide fully informed choices.
• Adopt changes in their lifestyle that will enhance their health.
• Better understand how to manage their condition.
• Ask more thoughtful and contemplative questions about treatment.
• Continuously seek out more information, then evaluate it and figure out how best to use it in the future.

Health care empowerment is a process, and often a long one.

As a result, by constantly educating themselves, patients are able to take firmer control over their well-being. Greater freedom results from not being reliant on others to make decisions for you.

Patient empowerment starts with information and education.

Increasing Health Demands

There’s increasing pressure on a lot of health care managers to recognize these trends, and respond accordingly.
In many instances, that means directing their patients to sites providing free and reliable information. It also means helping them understand how to learn on their own.

What these physicians recognize is that doing so helps both sides. At that point, the patient can:
• Meet their own needs;
• Find new ways to help solve their own medical issues;
• Locate vital resources;
• Make the right decisions on matters affecting their health.

It’s also about teaching those patients how to successfully navigate amongst the parties involved in the healthcare system. That includes physicians, pharmacists, health insurers, billing, and so on.

It’s known as Patient Participation, or shared decision-making. It’s a process whereby both the patient and physician contribute to decisions that become a part of the patient’s medical treatment.

Health care providers can start this exercise by outlining treatment options and potential alternative methods to their patients.

The physician can also encourage the patient to read more before making an educated decision on how best to proceed.
For many, gone are the days when the patient played a passive role in their care.

Educating Yourself and being in Control

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Because another important factor is making it easier for people to lead a healthy and robust lifestyle. Often times, people don’t feel in control of their circumstances, especially when it comes to their fitness and overall wellbeing.

Some people feel helpless and perplexed when confronted with an illness. However, these feelings of a lack of control could fade once the patient starts educating themselves. At that point, they start to know what can be done to fight the illness.

Recovery begins with understanding the remedy, and knowing how much information is available at their fingertips.
Personalabs is an effective means of getting there as well, and our staff is ready to assist you in boosting your health care education.

Most of all, we can start your journey toward empowerment by helping you schedule a blood test, an important part of an overall health checkup, that will determine the status of your health today.


It’s long past time to empower people to be a full partner in their health care. Talking to your physician about finding credible sources for health care information is a great way to start.

Another is to take a blood test that will arm you with the information you need to understand if you have a serious condition with no symptoms, or what has been impacting your health. Knowledge is power.

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