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10 Tips for Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Medically Approved by Dr. Edward Salko

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woman outside blowing her nose because she's having allergies.

It’s spring. Flowers are blooming, kids are playing, days are breezy and people are sneezing. It’s allergy season again. Many people have questions about allergies at this time of year.

The time of year, where you and your neighbors look like you’ve been hit with hay fever. Because of the fluctuating weather, spring and summer allergies are among the most severe. Here are ways to battle it this time of the year, and make it easier on you and your loved ones.

Take allergy medicine

Antihistamines block your body’s response to allergies and usually work in less than an hour.
Please read the package carefully. There are numerous antihistamines that can make you very drowsy. When dealing with seasonal allergies, be sure to ask a specialist so you can combat the correct allergens.

Prepare your Home

Like most things in life, preparation is key. Shut all windows to help keep pollen outside. Uses your AC or central unit. Fans and windows pull in air from outdoors. Make sure that your vacuum has a HEPA filter. Don’t dry your clothing outdoors. This is particularly true in states with high humidity levels; allergies also survive in humid weather, so installing a dehumidifier in your home will help greatly.

Prepare Yourself

Every time you change locations, you take a part of your previous location with you. This includes allergens.
If you work outside, wash up when you go inside. Wash your clothes (including favorites) often. If possible, leave shoes, coats, umbrellas etc. at doors or other entrances.

A Good Diet Helps

Studies have shown that people who eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts (assuming they are not allergic to them), have fewer allergy symptoms. Scientists are not sure what the link is, but they all agree that a healthy diet is good for your entire body.

Buy A Rinse Kit

One of the worst issues of allergy season is congestion. Not only does it hinder breathing, it collects bacteria and other particles.
Using a rinse kit properly cleans mucus from your nose and can ease allergy symptoms there. Lean over a sink and gently flush one nostril at a time.

Drink Hot Beverages

Drinking fluids help by thinning the mucus in your nasal passages and often provides relief. Hot beverages are even more effective, because the steam speeds up the process.

Wear a Mask

For those with severe sensitivity, a mask is an inexpensive way to help prevent reactions. An N95 respirator mask blocks 95% of small particles and is available at most drug or medical supply stores.

Check the Weather

Stay indoors as much as possible on hot, dry, or windy days, when pollen counts are highest. Between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m., pollen counts are heavily concentrated. This is especially true when there is no dew on the ground or fog. Because of the summer rain, allergies can spread during non-traditional times. Stay prepared for the constant shifts.

Wear Sunglasses

More than a fashion statement, wearing sunglasses outside can reduce the pollen and spores that get into your eyes. Allergy-irritated eyes are sensitive to sunlight. Large, dark sunglasses that block wind and light are the best ones for this purpose.

Control Unnatural Irritants

Avoid smoking and smoking areas. Politely turn your home into a non-smoking area. Avoid wood fires and wood fire stoves. Only use mild perfumes, disinfectants, sprays and air fresheners.

Questions about Allergies

If you have questions about allergies, Personalabs is here to help.
There are ways to combat the numerous allergies that affect so many people today. With the numerous weather fluctuations and the evergreen plant life, it’s important to follow these tips to enjoy the weather and lifestyle that the sunshine state offers.
If you are not sure which allergens affect you, Personalabs offers allergy testing to help you take full advantage of these tips.

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