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The Health Benefits of Water

Medically Approved by Dr. Edward Salko

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We all know water is important. It composes 70% of our body weight, 80% of our brain tissue and is necessary for our survival. But water does much more, it makes us happy, healthy and live longer.

Here are the facts:

  • Dehydration can actually cause anger, depression, and impair brain functions.
  • Water before a meal increases the metabolism and facilitates digestion.
  • Hydration can prevent arthritis by reducing joint friction.
  • Drinking water reduces your risk of cancer by flushing toxins from your body.
  • A glass of water before bed can even help prevent a stroke or heart attack.

In order to reap the health benefits of hydration, you have to drink a lot of water all day. Doctors recommend 13 cups of water per day for men and about 9 cups for women. Drinking several cups of water before breakfast will jump-start internal organs and increase brain function and productivity at the start of the day. Hydrating throughout the day will also help maintain a healthy weight as it increases your metabolism while curbing hunger so you eat healthier sized portions.

Before you go out and buy bottled water to fuel your thirst remember that plastic water bottles are more expensive, less sustainable and potentially dangerous compared to their refillable counterparts. Even BPA-free plastic contains chemicals that can leak into your water if left in the sun too long (and who hasn’t left their water bottle in the car before?). Reusable glass bottles are a better alternative but are fragile and often heavy.

Outside Magazine has written a great article, H2O to Go: The World’s Best Water Bottles, to help you find the perfect, environmentally sustainable companion for the summer heat. So treat yourself to a new health accessory and start drinking your way to better health!

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