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Ways to Inspire Healthy Living

Medically Approved by Dr. Edward Salko

Table of Contents

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Trying to make healthy lifestyle changes but not sure where to begin? Over-weight? Stressed out? Discouraged? Frustrated?

Adopting simple healthy habits can drastically improve your quality of life and get you on the track to a longer and happier life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is however a gradual process and the results are not immediately evident. The key to success is persistence and if you follow this step-by-step process you can achieve your health and fitness goals. Once you decide to live healthier, you can even reverse the damage caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Changing attitude

A long and fruitful life demands commitment. Significant changes are required in order to achieve this, but it is possible. Regardless of your personal starting point or future goals, healthy living begins with a healthy mind. The first 30 days are hard for everyone, and you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and possibly filled with self-doubt, or disappointment. Setting small goals and congratulating yourself as you achieve them can help you to overcome these negative emotions, and continue on the path to a healthier, happier you.

Eat your way to a good health

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It is rightly said – “you are what you eat”. A healthy eating plan is fundamental to getting and staying fit. A good diet includes a balance of foods – high amounts of fiber, moderate amounts of proteins, small amounts of fats, and foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Increasing your daily intake of water is also very important and can even lower blood pressure and help prevent your risk of stroke or heart attack.


It is a proven fact that exercise can increase happiness, strengthen memory, improve the immune system, and boost self-esteem. During the first 30 days, you should start your exercise regime slow; overexerting yourself initially can be dangerous and may lead to abandoning you exercise regime in the long run. Try incorporating physical activities such as walking or cycling with friends, or make family outings a chance to burn a few calories by bowling, roller-skating or swimming. Ease into your new routine before you rush into more rigorous exercise, increasing your workout schedule gradually.

Consider other health factors

Sleep and stress directly impact a person’s health and are factors in the onset of as many as 80% of disease. Quality sleep begets well-being and health. When a person is deprived of good sleep, or if sleep is disruptive or disordered, the person’s mood, cognition and physical functioning start to diminish.

Living healthy leads to lasting changes in your quality of life. It’s never to late to make these changes and start your journey to better health today.

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