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Diet Soda and Heart Diseases

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People all over the country, especially women, have acquired a taste for diet drinks. While they promise taste without the extra calories, excess consumption of diet drinks (more than two a day) is likely to increase your risk of heart disease. Researchers found that women who consumed two or more artificially sweetened beverages a day were at a 30% to 50% increased risk of heart attacks, perilous blood clots, and other serious cardiovascular problems.

The findings came from a study conducted on nearly 60,000 healthy women in the U.S. The women were questioned about the estimated number of low-calorie fruit diet soft drinks they had consumed in the past three months. After nine years the researchers re-interviewed the women to see how many had suffered heart related problems – including heart attacks, strokes, clogged arteries, heart failure, blood clots, or death from heart complications. They found a direct correlation between diet soda intake and risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, which was what the researchers had initially predicted. Additional reports have indicated that diet soda could also lead to weight gain and even kidney failure.

Relation between diet soda and heart disease

However, the research was not enough to provide concrete analysis on how diet soda is impacting the number of cases of heart disease every year. This was because the study excluded certain vital considerations like the person’s smoking and drinking habits. The preliminary results obtained from these findings and data are going to be scrutinized by experts before their publication in a medical journal. Until then the choice to consume diet drinks seems much more costly then the extra calories.

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