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colon cancer testing

colon cancer


Cancer is a disease characterized by abnormal cell growth that originates in the colon or the large intestine. It typically begins in the formation of a benign mass of cells called polyps that develop into malignant or cancerous tumors over time.


  • Rectal bleeding

  • Unexplained weight changes

  • Fatigue 

  • Frequent abdominal discomfort

  • Sudden changes in bowel activities

Why should you get tested?

Getting tested for fecal occult blood or blood that is not visible to the naked eye in the stool can provide significant information on any cancerous development in the body. Detection of colon cancer at its earliest stage secures proper treatment and increases the chances of survival and recovery.

Where can you get tested?

Can’t find the test for you? Give us a call at (888) 438-5227. Our friendly customer service representatives will help you find the right tests that you need and answer any questions you have.

Here at Personalabs you can order blood tests online from the convenience and privacy of your home with just a click of a button.

We guarantee your peace of mind as we do not share your test results with insurance companies or any outside parties. You are completely in control over who can review your test results.



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