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Breast Cancer Blood Tests

Today, we’re fortunate to have many diagnostic methods to help detect breast cancer, from self exams to mammograms. Breast cancer blood tests are an important, versatile tool you can use to successfully fight this disease.

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Time is of the essence in treating breast cancer. Like most cancers, breast cancer benefits from early diagnosis—treatment isn’t as grueling, and the chances of remission are higher. For example, patients diagnosed with Stage 1 (or localized) breast cancer have a 99% five-year survival rate. Our blood tests for breast cancer are integral for monitoring and maintaining your breast health. We offer breast cancer lab products as part of our comprehensive lineup of cancer screening tests. Simply order a test, then get the blood work done at one of our 4,000-plus partner labs nationwide. You have the power to be proactive in the fight against breast cancer.

The Role of Blood Tests for Breast Cancer

There are many reasons a physician may order blood work for breast cancer patients. Blood tests can:

  • Stage the cancer (determine how advanced it is).
  • Detect markers or proteins that are produced by tumor cells.
  • Assess metastasis (if the cancer has spread to other areas of the body).
  • Assist with diagnosing the type of cancer.
  • Measure a patient’s overall health.
  • Determine if the cancer is responding to treatment.
  • Detect a recurrence of breast cancer.

Personalabs’ breast cancer blood tests give you valuable information that empowers you in making decisions about your health.

Types of Blood Tests for Breast Cancer Detection

Our Female Cancer Screening Blood Test detects gender-specific tumor markers commonly found in cancers that affect women. Another blood test for breast cancer focuses on a specific tumor marker. The Cancer Antigen CA 27.29 Blood Test can be used to monitor how a tumor responds to treatment, or to check if cancer has metastasized outside the breasts to other areas. 

Additionally, our Comprehensive Female Wellness Checkup Blood Test is a powerful women’s health test. It’s a broad screening tool not just for breast cancer, but also for ovarian cancer, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, organ dysfunction, and more. Explore our blood cancer lab tests to find the right one for you.

Who Should Get Tested for Breast Cancer?

You may want to take a blood test for breast cancer detection if you have a family history of the disease, or if you have had breast cancer and are concerned about recurrence. 

When To Do Breast Cancer Lab Tests

Breast cancer blood tests should be done as soon as possible if you have a family history or genetic predisposition for the disease. Physicians may also order blood work for breast cancer patients as part of a treatment plan. 

Get Tested for Breast Cancer Near You

Breast cancer doesn’t wait, so you shouldn’t delay taking care of your breast health. You can order one of our tests at any time without waiting for a doctor’s appointment, then find a lab to take your breast cancer blood test near you


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