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Lung Cancer Blood Tests

Over half a million Americans have lung cancer. Also, it is the deadliest form of cancer worldwide. Get the lung cancer blood test to help you detect your risk.

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Lung cancer occurs when malignant cells spread in the lung tissues. It has garnered attention over the years, considering more people die of lung cancer than any other form of cancer. Additionally, the condition highlighted the fatal effects of smoking. 

Nevertheless, the alarming mortality rates of cancer worldwide have been a major cause of health concerns. Because of that, it is recommended to go through lung cancer blood testing when symptoms arise. You can get the necessary cancer screening blood tests here at Personalabs. 

The Role of Blood Tests for Lung Cancer

While a lung cancer blood test won’t detect lung cancer on its own, these lab tests are still essential to avoid misdiagnosis. Likewise, these tests evaluate the patient’s overall health before, during, and after treatment. 

Lung cancer is often diagnosed through medical imaging and biopsy. However, recent research opened the potential for biomarkers linked to lung cancer. This means the condition can be non-invasive compared to a biopsy, as it will use blood samples for most parts.  

Nevertheless, while this lung cancer screening blood test is under development, there are other blood tests involved in lung cancer lab testing

Types of Blood Tests To Detect Lung Cancer

Two crucial lung cancer lab tests are involved when assessing the development of the condition. These would be the Complete Blood Count (CBC) and the Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) Test 

CBC checks on the general blood health of the patient, especially before an invasive surgical biopsy.  

Moreover, the CEA Test plays a crucial role in detecting and monitoring lung cancer as it acts as a biomarker for the condition.  

Both CBC and CEA Tests are also present in other Cancer Screening Blood Tests.  

Who Should Get Tested for Lung Cancer?

If lung cancer runs in your family, your risk for developing the condition is higher. Therefore, you should secure a lung cancer blood test to get an overview of your susceptibility.

Moreover, smokers and those exposed to second-hand smoke need to get tested for lung cancer.  

Likewise, get the same test if you have undergone radiation therapy in the past or if you are constantly exposed to cancer-causing agents such as industrial chemicals and air pollution.  

When To Do Lung Cancer Lab Tests?

Unfortunately, symptoms of lung cancer typically show when the condition is advanced. And by that period, it could be too late.  

Therefore, the best time to do lung cancer blood work is during your regular Health and Wellness Checkup

If you are at high risk for lung cancer, don’t wait for the symptoms to develop. Instead, have your doctor assess how vulnerable you are to the condition. 

Get Tested for Lung Cancer Near You

Get a lung blood cancer blood test and stay steps ahead of this fatal health condition. Find our lab partners near you and order your blood test online at Personalabs. 

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