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Ovarian Cancer Blood Tests

Early diagnosis of ovarian cancer secures a higher survival rate and faster remission. So get the ovarian cancer test and remain in control of your health.

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Ovarian cancer originates from the ovaries. The cancer cells mutate from healthy cells, which failed to halt their growth despite damage and dysfunction. Your risk for ovarian cancer increases with age. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to encounter ovarian cancer blood work during routine exams for female health.

While ovarian cancer goes as the fifth leading cause of cancer-related death among women, treating the condition takes an effective route with the proper ovarian cancer diagnostic test. You can rely on our ovarian cancer test without the hassle.

The Role of Blood Tests for Ovarian Cancer

The ovarian blood test screening ensures accurate diagnosis, which is critical for treatment. However, symptoms of ovarian cancer can be similar to other gynecological conditions like ovarian cysts. As a result, it’s more challenging to isolate and detect the tumor without an ovarian cancer lab test.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to order an ovarian cancer test online. In addition, our blood tests for cancer screening include specific lab tests for ovarian cancer markers and physiological irregularities.

Order our ovarian cancer blood work and get tested at one of our partner labs nationwide. We provide the doctor’s order so you can skip the wait for an initial doctor’s appointment.

Several blood tests can be involved in diagnosing ovarian cancer. Nevertheless, the most crucial test for diagnosis is the CA-125 blood test. This lab test screens for the cancer antigen 125 that increases in ovarian cancer. It is also the same test taken to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. 

Types of Blood Tests To Detect Ovarian Cancer

You can also expect the following blood tests as part of the ovarian cancer test roster:

Who Should Get Ovarian Cancer Lab Tests?

Women over 40 opt to include ovarian cancer lab tests during their physical exam as part of the female cancer screening process. Likewise, those at risk for the condition, like women with an ovarian cancer family history, also have to take the test to get ahead of cancer.

When To Do Ovarian Cancer Screening?

You can have your screening for ovarian cancer when you do your annual checkup with your gynecologist. Women as young as 30 can already request the necessary test. However, once you get to your 40s, ovarian cancer blood tests become highly recommended.

Likewise, if you experience frequent pelvic discomfort, swelling, and other odd gynecological conditions, your doctor may order ovarian cancer blood tests.

Get Tested for Ovarian Cancer Near You

Ovarian cancer develops silently. So, it’s essential to get tested even as symptoms appear vague. Take your health into your hands. Order the ovarian cancer test in one of our partner labs near you.

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