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If you made it to this page, you must have been searching for a place to order affordable lab testing online. Not many people know they can order their own lab tests without having to go through their doctor or insurance.

With Personalabs, you can get the blood work you want without restriction. You won’t have to depend on your doctor to include the tests you want on the script. You won’t have to worry about insurance not covering your bills. Personalabs offers discount pricing on lab tests so you can find peace of mind knowing you can find the test you need at a price you can afford.

This specific category includes all packaged deals offered by Personalabs. These packages aim to give you “more bang for your buck” where you would pay a lot more money if you were to buy the tests singularly.

These packaged deals include 2 or more tests and aim to give you a more comprehensive look into a specific area of health. Here you will find diabetes testing, STD testing, hormone testing, allergy testing and more.

Personalabs takes pride in offering their valued customers the lowest prices available online. If you can’t find what you need in a panel, customer service representatives are standing by to assist you. Getting lab work has never been easier.

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