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Men’s Health Profile Test

Also Known As: Healthy Male Checkup Test, Male Health Test, Male Panel  The Purpose of a Blood Test for Men It’s…

Wellness Checkup Blood Test

Also Known As: Health Profile Test, Wellness Blood Test Purpose of a Wellness Panel Blood Test The wellness checkup blood…

Optimal Thyroid Health Profile Blood Test

This profile is designed by Dr. J. E. Williams, and contains advanced thyroid hormone tests aimed at those who…

Basic Thyroid Health Profile Blood Test

Our Basic Thyroid Profile was designed by Dr. J.E. Williams to assess thyroid function and its regulation of your…

Comprehensive Diabetes Profile Blood Test

The Comprehensive Diabetes Panel is a screening of your blood for elevated blood sugar and other conditions associated with…

STD Mini Panel

This STD mini panel includes 4 tests for some of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. This profile screens…

Comprehensive Iron Profile Blood Test

The Comprehensive Iron Profile is used to measure the amount of iron in your body as well as your…

Basic Vitamin Panel

The Basic Vitamin Profile is used to rule out vitamin deficiency or excess. This profile includes tests for Vitamin…

Comprehensive Male Wellness Checkup Blood Test

Our Comprehensive Male Checkup consists of a panel of tests used as a broad screening tool to evaluate organ…

Comprehensive Male Hormone Profile Blood Test

Hormone profile created for men. Recommended For: Men. Special Notes: Patients receiving therapy with high biotin doses should not…


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