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Step 2 – Print Your Doctor’s Orders
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    Lead Level, Blood Adult Blood Test

    The blood lead level panel is used to diagnose or monitor exposure to lead. Save on medical bills with Personalabs safe and confidential lab testing.

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    Heavy Metals Profile Blood Test

    Exposure to heavy metals in the workplace? The Heavy Metals Profile tests for heavy metal poisoning associated with lead, mercury, and chromium.

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    Zinc Blood Test

    Low-cost blood testing for zinc deficiency.

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    Mercury Blood Test

    Exposure to various forms of mercury can cause serious health problems. Order a Mercury Blood test online today through Personalabs to determine the presence of mercury in the body.

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    Copper Blood Test

    The Copper Test is used to check for a deficiency of or a toxic level of copper in the body. Order this test online today through Personalabs at a reasonable price.

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    Isocyanates Profile Blood Test

    The isocyanates profile testing is done to measure the levels of TDI, MDI, and HDI in the body. Diagnose and protect yourself from Isocyanates exposure!

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    Chromium and Cobalt, Whole Blood Test

    Have you recently had a hip or knee replacement? Take the Chromium and Cobalt test to find out if you are at risk for metal poisoning with Personalabs today!

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    Aluminum Blood Test

    This test measures the amount of aluminum present in the blood and is useful in the diagnosis of aluminum poisoning. Order today and stay healthy.

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    Mercury Urine Test

    Are you at risk of mercury exposure? The Mercury urine test is used to monitor exposure to mercury, primarily inorganic mercury. Order this test online today through Personalabs.

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Have you been exposed to a heavy metal in your workplace? Personalabs is here to help, offering screenings for excessive exposure to certain heavy metals, including testing for lead, mercury, arsenic and iron toxicity. These tests will evaluate the levels of these toxic metals by blood or urine sample.

If you are interested in testing for heavy metal toxicity, it is recommended you refrain from eating any seafood or seaweed prior to heavy metal testing as these foods elevate concentrations and may affect the results.

In addition, there are standard blood tests that help diagnose heavy metal toxicity and evaluate its severity. These include a complete blood count (CBC), a urine analysis and liver function tests.

Symptoms vary, depending upon certain factors such as the type of metal, how much metal, the length of exposure, the person’s age and their general state of well-being. Some symptoms to excessive heavy metal exposure include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, numbness, tingling of hands and feet, weakness, fatigue, anemia, kidney and liver damage, brain dysfunction, memory loss, irritation in the lungs, horizontal lines on nails (known as Mees lines) and behavioral changes.

You are able to process limited amounts of heavy metals. However, large volumes can accumulate in your liver, kidneys, lungs and brain and can be fatal. Exposure to some metals can even increase your risk of developing cancer and can impact the production of red and white blood cells in your body. Additionally, women who are pregnant can pass metals to their baby during childbirth or while breastfeeding.
If you think you have been exposed to a heavy metal, get tested with Personalabs today!

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